Our History


The Dirty Dozen

The 12th annual BrodieNation Music Festival! Lot's of new things were added this year to enhance the experience. A new Driftwood (River) Stage, food vendor, clothing vendors, & all sorts of stuff to blow your minds!

F2D (Funky 2 Death) | The Staxx Brothers | Ayron Jones | Publish The Quest | The Approach | Positive Rising | Burning Of I | ValleyGreen | Jimmy James Trio | Midstokke | Roughneck | JustCOS | Zach's In County | The Mystic Arrows | Born Of Ghosts | Lacuna | Eminy J Charles | Ibex | Uncouth | Saint John | Frank Arcega | John White | Elliot Howell |



BrodieNation 11


BrodieNation X

BrodieNation X was an epic event as it should be for the 10th time. We had some epic performances. Friday night we had a 1st with Burning of I melting faces with some METAL! Which surprisingly, dad liked. Saturday was full of amazing music by Sunshine Junkies (BN resident), Mirrors, I Made Them A Steak (RIP) & of course all of our minds were blown when Blake Noble took the stage. The Headliner was the fantastic Luc & the Lovingtons who had us all moving our feet till late in the morning. Now it's on to The 11th BrodieNation! It's gonna be a wild one!



BrodieNation 9.5
September 11, 2011

On the 10 yr anniversary of 9/11 we did it like Americans & celebrated the shit out of our freedom. More live comedy, Austin Jenckes & the Last Call, I Made Them A Steak, Sunshine Junkies, Frank Arcega, John White, Defeyes & more.


BrodieNation IX

This was the first really huge BrodieNation that was basically just Saturday. 400-500 peeps. Austin Jenckes closed the show. We had other performances by Magic Mirrors, Defeyes, & for the 1st time ever we had stand up comedy.



The Ocho

So these next few got really hazy for MO. Once again Austin Jenckes headlined & killed it.




BrodieNation 7

I'm sure everyone remembers this one. This is the BrodieNation were Morgan promised Floater but it fell through due to unexpected hardships. It was still awesome though! I believe this is the 1st one Austin Jenckes headlined.


BrodieNation Sechs

2008 was a wild summer at BrodieNation! Here's the flyer for the 6th one.


BrodieNation GO!
July 4th, 2008

The mother of all BrodieNations! A three day 4th o' July massive celebration! There was some out-of-this-world music for this one.


BrodieNation Quattro

I guess this was the 1st one with a flyer & the 1st one to go multiple nights. BrodieNation Quattro had live music from SchoolBusBarFight, In Lake'ch, All-Purpose, Falling blind, The Evergreen Effect, Beszhak, Starving Millionaires, The Cauze, & Handful of Luvin. Then Sunday we had Volleyball & acoustic music all day. This was a wild weekend.


BrodieNation III
July 4th, 2007

Again, Headlined by The Mob Law. 1st time the stage was blessed by Panda Conspiracy, Handful of Luvin, & The Cauze. 4 of BrodieNations all time acts.



BrodieNation 2

Honestly......... All I can remember is that The Mob Law headlined again, American Idol runner up Blake Lewis (B-Shorty) performed & it was Austin Jenckes' 1st time playing. Jesus, it's been along time.


First BrodieNation
July 4th, 2006

BrodieNation started in the summer of '06. Along with the creation of BrodiesProductions. Co-founded by Morgan Henley & Alex Kainoa Turner. This was the beginning. Bands that played were The Mob Law, Missing Players, Defeyes, John White, & a few we i don't remember. OOOPs.